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The world’s needs for analyzing massive amounts of data is growing dramatically. The computation demands of these abundant-data applications, such as AI, far exceed the capabilities of today’s computing systems and cannot be met with isolated improvements in transistor or memory technologies, or integrated circuit architectures alone. We must create new transformative NanoSystems which exploit salient properties of underlying nanotechnologies to implement 21st century architectures. 

Our N3XT (Nano-Engineered Computing Systems Technology) project creates 21st century NanoSystems through new computation-immersed-in-memory architectures that integrate new logic and memory nanotechnologies in dense 3D. Such architectures are made possible by new logic devices (such as carbon nanotube transistors for high-speed and low-energy circuits) and high-density non-volatile memory (such as resistive RAM that can store multiple bits inside each memory cell) that are amenable to ultra-dense (monolithic) 3D integration of thin layers of logic and memory.

A wide variety of N3XT hardware prototypes (built in commercial and research facilities) represent leading examples of transforming scientifically-interesting nanomaterials and nanodevices into actual NanoSystems. N3XT NanoSystems target 1,000X system-level energy-delay-product benefits especially for abundant-data applications. Such massive benefits enable coming generations of applications that push new frontiers, from deeply-embedded computing systems all the way to the cloud.

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